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Scroll below to experience artworks painted by Hector Prado.

Prado Signature Series

A look into the colorful mind of Prado. Capturing nature, love, and beauty within multiple forms, these pieces are regarded as some of the most vividly imaginative pieces in Prado's collections.

Vice Girls

A series capturing the power, beauty, and creativity of women. Prado's affinity with the beauty and power of women stems from a deep appreciation of the female presence in his own life through his wife and daughters.

Iconic Series

The subjects in these paintings need no introductions. See these internationally recognized icons through the eyes of Prado as he creates his rendition of major figures in recent history.

Nature by Prado

As if seeing nature through the eyes of Mother Nature herself, Prado captures an essence to the multitude of life that occupy our world. From sea life to birds in the sky, there is only color and beauty to be seen in these incredible pieces painted by Hector Prado

The World by Prado

With his use of vivid color and hyper realistic style, Prado allows you to be transported to locations found from around the world.

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