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Meet Prado

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Hector Prado dreamed of being a painter as a child. Prado has embraced the inner child and fulfilled that dream as he continues to amaze the world with his vibrant, colorful, and captivating artwork. Prado's use of vibrant color fuzed with vivid "living" art creates a unique experience within every piece.

"When I paint, I am free to do what comes from the heart."


Art Never Looked So Good

Prado's unmistakeable artworks bring a positive vibration to life worth a double take.

"El Toro"

"Beautiful Mind"

"Butterfly Lips"

Hector Prado began a creative professional career working in both National and International Advertisement agencies. He launched his own experimental AD agency in 2006 called Firefly Ad Next. 

Prado's groundbreaking creative direction has been instrumental in Advertisement campaigns for major brands such as: Coca Cola, Goodyear, Bayer, VW, Ford Motor Company, Kimberly Clark, Shell, and American Airlines.

Hector's Creative Ad campaigns have been featured and won awards within: Cannes Festival, One show, London Awards, Clio Awards, Emmy Awards and many others.

What Inspires Prado?

From the natural beauty of the world, to his beloved "Musa" (Muse), Prado's inspiration are what bring him to the state of mind that allows him to create and imagine the he does... without any limit.

Featured Artist 2018 

Coconut Grove Art Festival

Prado began 2018 on the right foot after being selected as the featured Poster Artist for the largest outdoor art festival in the United States. Previous artists selected in the past by the festival include: Romero Britto, Guy Harvey, and Alexander Mijares. 

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